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Andrés Meneses


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Andrés Meneses

  • Top Key Opinion Leader of 2022 for the biggest crypto exchange in the world.
  • Public speaker in Europe, Dubai and LATAM 
  • Reaching over 1M people across English and Spanish speaking communities.

Andres has been building and investing in fast-growing technology products since graduating from Telecommunications Engineering 15 years ago. In 2016 Andres dove head on into sharing his experience and knowledge daily through his social media channels, bringing simplicity to the crypto education space. By 2017 he’d grown his first crypto community to a staggering 40,000 people. As a super connector, he introduces new communities and users into Web 3 using his attraction marketing content. His ability to educate and connect his community members made him a sought after mentor. Now in the crypto space he consults, educates and connects Kols, blockchains, exchanges, and top crypto enthusiasts to skyrocket their community.

Andrés Achievements

As one of the best Public speakers in Web 3 Andres has assisted Crypto Exchanges and Web 3 Companies to amplify their reach.

  • He Hosted of the biggest crypto event in the Spanish market with an astonishing audience of more than 100.000 people online and at the event . 
  • Andres has been the focus of multiple TV shows and spoken at hundreds of events live including but not limited to Crypto, blockchain specific events, Red Carpet Events , and has guest lectured at Colombian Universities .
  • As a published author he has written for Tier A media in Spanish including Revista Semana, Portafolio, Forbes, and is regularly part of TV shows and interviews

My Projects

Source Protocol

Enterprise Grade DeFi-as-a-Service for Businesses, Institutions, and Governments.

Media Crypto

A top media marketing agency dedicated exclusively to Web 3.

Crypto OG`s

Andres  purpose is to make Wb3  go viral. Crypto OOgs  podcast brings fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful people in the Web 3. Listen to new episodes on Tuesdays  and Thursdays anywhere you get your podcasts.

Andres Success Stories as KOL

Selected from thousands of KOLS Andres was one of 9 people on Stage at the 5 years Anniversary of Binance. Speaking among CZ and the top Executives of Binance in front of 5,000 people. Andres shared the panel of speakers highlighting "Building an Ecosystem together with Binance" where he spoke about the importance of community and his journey of building Communities in crypto around the world.

Andres' presence in the Spanish Market has been key for his community and the number 1 reason he was headhunted to speak at the biggest Crypto Event in 2022 for the Spanish Community. He was the main host for 6 hours of Mundo Crypto, an event which brought 7,000 people together in Madrid. Due to his extensive crypto knowledge and bilingual skills in English and Spanish, Andres interviewed in English sharing the stage with Brock Pierce, Sasha Ivanov (CEO of Waves) a delegate of El Salvador and many other European Economist.

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